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The creative industries grew at twice the rate of the wider economy in 2015-2016.

The sector is now worth £91.8bn in Gross Value Added (GVA) to the UK - more than the automotive, life sciences, aerospace and oil and gas industries combined. It grew by 7.6% over the 2015-2016 period, compared to a 3.5% rate of growth for the economy as a whole. 

This means the creative industries are worth more than seven times the UK’s gross annual contribution to the EU and would pay for the estimated Brexit divorce bill of €50m twice over.

The creative industries now make up 5.3% of the UK economy.

Particularly high growth was shown by the crafts industry (14.6%), design and fashion (11%), creative tech including games (11.4%), publishing (7.7%) and film and TV (6.6%). The advertising industry has almost doubled in size since 2010, growing by 4.3% in the 2015-2016 period.

John Kampfner, Federation chief executive, said:

“These are impressive figures and testament to the innovation and resilience of this sector and its contribution to the wider UK economy.

“But it should be noted that these figures are for the period before the EU referendum. These fantastic growth rates demonstrate all the more the importance of protecting our sector from threats such as Brexit and growing skills gaps. The Federation will continue to make the case for the measures we need to support continued growth.

We trust that the 2016-17 figures will show no adverse consequences arising from Brexit.”

Red Mason invited to the Secretary of State for International Trade and President of the Board of Trade, The Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP Christmas Reception at Lancaster House.

It was an honor to be invited to attend the 2017 Christmas Reception by President of the Board of Trade and DIT Liam Fox at Lancaster House in St James.

"Your presence ensured the evening was a great success and your enthusiasm and positive spirit helped to make this event both productive and inspiring.  We wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and hope that you continue to be engaged with the Department for International Trade into 2018 and beyond".

Red Mason was invited by the Secretary of State for International Trade and President of the Board of Trade, The Rt Hon Dr. Liam Fox Christmas Reception at Lancaster House to say thanks for the work we have done over 2017 in both the UK and trade missions to Asia.

 Department of International Trade (DIT) Trade Reception, Lancasrer House, London
 Department of International Trade (DIT) Trade Reception, Lancasrer House, London
 Department of International Trade (DIT) Trade Reception, Lancasrer House, London
 Department of International Trade (DIT) Trade Reception, Lancasrer House, London

Following on from the very successful trade mission to Malaysia at the start of October we have been asked to travel to Manchester and advise a number of commercial officers from the UK's priority markets *( USA, China, India, Japan, South Korean, Singapore, Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand, Australia/New Zealand).

We are always happy to work as a representative from the UK’s SME community and help advise overseas commercial officers from DIT so they are up to speed about what is happening here in the UK.
— A.Whitlock Director Red Mason

The purpose of meetings is to bring the commercial officers up to speed on various aspects of UK technology.

This allows the commercial officers to then look for trade opportunities in their market that match the UK tech companies. It is an all-day event comprising a series of roundtables and one to one meetings with the respective commercial officer.


We are going on the UK 'Mega' Technology Mission Malaysia in October 2017
We are looking forward to meeting with Malaysian companies and starting partnerships for the future. This is a great opportunity and we are very honoured to be part of this great mission.
— Alan Whitlock

Red Mason will be joining The Department for International Trade (DIT) on the technology trade mission to Malaysia to promote and showcase the broadest UK technology capability to the widest Malaysian audience. The trade mission will be centred around fifty showcase/meeting pods. Each company will be allocated a meeting pod which will be branded for us.

DIT and various Malaysian government agencies will be helping to secure one to one meetings with potential in market buyers and business partners. The DIT stand will act as the focal meeting place. The Mission will comprise the largest ever delegation of UK technology companies to Malaysia. Together with leading industry players in market, DIT Malaysia has identified opportunities in a number of sub-sectors in Malaysia that match UK strengths: connected IOT (smart technologies); data analytics; cyber security (information security); e-commerce; cloud; fintech; AR; VR; AI, telecommunications and software development.

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