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Italian Design and colour.

Amazing White facade of this luxurious hotel. 


Yellows and oranges 🍊 of the fruit hanging from the trees


I am in the italian Mediterranean for a cultural refresh for a week or two. The first thing that hits your eyes is the fabulous colours. The Mediterranean blue of the sky and sea and the bright colours of the fruit hanging from every tree along the wide marble boulevards. A sensational blast to the senses. 

Such a glorious way to recharge the soul and palette. 

We are going on the UK 'Mega' Technology Mission Malaysia in October 2017
We are looking forward to meeting with Malaysian companies and starting partnerships for the future. This is a great opportunity and we are very honoured to be part of this great mission.
— Alan Whitlock

Red Mason will be joining The Department for International Trade (DIT) on the technology trade mission to Malaysia to promote and showcase the broadest UK technology capability to the widest Malaysian audience. The trade mission will be centred around fifty showcase/meeting pods. Each company will be allocated a meeting pod which will be branded for us.

DIT and various Malaysian government agencies will be helping to secure one to one meetings with potential in market buyers and business partners. The DIT stand will act as the focal meeting place. The Mission will comprise the largest ever delegation of UK technology companies to Malaysia. Together with leading industry players in market, DIT Malaysia has identified opportunities in a number of sub-sectors in Malaysia that match UK strengths: connected IOT (smart technologies); data analytics; cyber security (information security); e-commerce; cloud; fintech; AR; VR; AI, telecommunications and software development.

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