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Italian Design and colour.

Amazing White facade of this luxurious hotel. 


Yellows and oranges 🍊 of the fruit hanging from the trees


I am in the italian Mediterranean for a cultural refresh for a week or two. The first thing that hits your eyes is the fabulous colours. The Mediterranean blue of the sky and sea and the bright colours of the fruit hanging from every tree along the wide marble boulevards. A sensational blast to the senses. 

Such a glorious way to recharge the soul and palette. 


The creative industries grew at twice the rate of the wider economy in 2015-2016.

The sector is now worth £91.8bn in Gross Value Added (GVA) to the UK - more than the automotive, life sciences, aerospace and oil and gas industries combined. It grew by 7.6% over the 2015-2016 period, compared to a 3.5% rate of growth for the economy as a whole. 

This means the creative industries are worth more than seven times the UK’s gross annual contribution to the EU and would pay for the estimated Brexit divorce bill of €50m twice over.

The creative industries now make up 5.3% of the UK economy.

Particularly high growth was shown by the crafts industry (14.6%), design and fashion (11%), creative tech including games (11.4%), publishing (7.7%) and film and TV (6.6%). The advertising industry has almost doubled in size since 2010, growing by 4.3% in the 2015-2016 period.

John Kampfner, Federation chief executive, said:

“These are impressive figures and testament to the innovation and resilience of this sector and its contribution to the wider UK economy.

“But it should be noted that these figures are for the period before the EU referendum. These fantastic growth rates demonstrate all the more the importance of protecting our sector from threats such as Brexit and growing skills gaps. The Federation will continue to make the case for the measures we need to support continued growth.

We trust that the 2016-17 figures will show no adverse consequences arising from Brexit.”

Exciting news about a new project
The Creative Colony is a team of young creatives who can take control of all your outsourced visual marketing needs.
Our core services include film, photography and design and we also have our own film academy, allowing us to teach the next generation of young people the practical skills required to work in the industry. Our dedicated team will bring a unique blend of creativity, professionalism, and youthfulness and we offer a very flexible service, allowing us to more than meet the needs of the most challenging projects.

Very pleased to announce today we will be working with Creative Colony designing their new website which will enhance and expand their presence online to a much wider audience. We have followed the amazing work this company has been doing and it is an honor to be at last working with them.

Creative Colony is a great company that does amazing for business and the community and we are very thrilled to be working on this project with them.  
Alan Whitlock - Red Mason June 2017


Updated: We have designed the new website for Creative Colony: